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Powered by sustainability and healthy living

Growers Project

We are passionate about our Borde Hill home, its grounds and its bounty of natural resources. We want to be eco-friendly pioneers when it comes to our Garden, Parkland, Woodland and in particular our food provenance.

Over the past few years we have been working hard at Sugworth Farm, which is home to our Market Garden. Powered by sustainability and healthy living, this biodynamic Market Garden grows rare and unusual fruit and vegetables which we plan to serve in our future restaurant and on the Estate.

At its core, biodynamic farming is a holistic and ethical approach to gardening, food and nutrition. Introduced by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, plants and vegetables are sown according to the positioning of the stars and the moon. They grow in living soil fertilised with the farm’s own compost made from cow manure, instead of chemical fertilisers. It’s a much more natural way for farmers to develop a symbiotic relationship with their soil that produces chemical-free (delicious) food.

As part of our National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant, we intend to start the Growers Community Garden and Propagation Project, both of which will also be situated at Sugworth Farm. The Growers Community Garden will highlight the importance of biodynamic, locally grown produce and good horticultural practice, enabling the local community to connect with nature, while the Propagation Project will safeguard our nationally important plant collection for generations to come.

To read more about the principles and benefits of Biodynamic farming, click here.

The Growers Project. Image: Julie Skelton

Did you


The Round Dell was a former metal quarry - the excavated space now provides ideal conditions for sub-tropical plants including palm trees and gunnera. Re-designed in 2017, the concrete path represents a ship sailing through a lush exotic jungle, featuring many newly collected plants by Crug Farm.
The Round Dell at Borde Hill

Our Parkland

Beyond the Garden lies 383 acres of heritage listed Parkland and Woodland set within the beauty of the High Weald. Two lakes in the centre of the Parkland, Robertsmere Lake and Harry’s Lake, provide a sense of serenity and calm where you can fully immerse yourself in the stillness of nature. 

Our Garden

Our paradise for plants in the heart of Sussex captivates and delights visitors with a series of intimate living ‘Garden rooms’, plus Woodland, Parkland, lakes and outstanding views across the Sussex High Weald.


The Garden is open 10am-5pm, daily. 

Day Tickets pre-booked online at least a day before your visit receive a £1 online discount.

Discover the Possibilities

A family next to the water feature in the Rose Garden at Borde Hill during summer.

Become a Member

Membership is your ticket to enjoy unlimited access to the Garden, Parkland and Woodland throughout the open season. Our members also receive free entry to a number of exciting events, from live music in the Garden to Specialist Plant Fairs and much more. Family Membership provides unlimited access to the Adventure Playground and free school holiday trails.

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Italian Garden at Borde Hill. Image: Molly Hollman

Our Garden & Grounds

Set within 383 acres of heritage listed Parkland, our formal Garden captivates and delights visitors with a series of intimate 'Garden rooms'. Beyond the formal Garden you can explore Woodland walks, the South Park and our lakes with outstanding views across the Sussex High Weald.

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A misty atmospheric view of trees in North Park at Borde Hill with cows in the distance.

Support Us

As a small, independent Garden Charity, we rely on your kind generosity to help fund our projects and to continue to grow sustainably, protecting our natural heritage for generations to come. 'Reinventing Borde Hill' is our most ambitious project to date and your support will help us to achieve exciting plans to benefit our local community.

It would make a huge difference if you would consider supporting us by making a donation – thank you.

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